The LML Duramax is a force to be reconned with.  Built from 2011-2016, this power house was an upgrade from the LMM Duramax with the addition of more horsepower and torque.  Coming in at 397hp and 765 Lb/Ft, it was over 30hp and 100 Lb/Ft of torque more than the LMM.  With the addition of a Bosch CP4.2 and Piezo Injectors, filtering the fuel became even more important.  By adding our Cat Fuel Filter Adapter to the system, you won't have to worry that you aren't catching all the junk because it filters to 2 microns. 

GM also continued with the use of their metal and crimped transmission lines which leak over time and cause a mess under your truck.  By adding Deviant's lifetime warranted industrial strength transmission line kit you won't have to worry about that again.  

If you are adding power to the truck and slipping transmission, you can add one of our EPC re-calibration kits to the valve body to increase line pressure and allow the additional horsepower to hit the ground.  

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