Transmission Warranty

Deviant Race Parts Warranty

 This 2 year 100,000 mile warranty covers manufacture defects, and/or workmanship.  This warranty starts from ship day, or day of unit pick up.  All warranties are non-transferable and shall not apply to any product that has been tampered with, improperly installed, damaged as a result of accident or neglect, improperly repaired or altered by the customer or his agent/tech.  Abuse resulting in broken or fractured shafts and or hard parts, or burn down.  If lines and cooler were not hot flushed prior to installation of the new unit it will not be covered under warranty, no exceptions.  This warranty shall not apply to damage caused by low fluid conditions, improper service intervals, any competitive use (i.e. sled pulling or drag racing), or any commercial applications which tow weights in excess of manufacturer’s GCVWR.  DRP will not warranty broken, sheered, fractured shafts, hard parts, valve bodies or cases; or any damage associated with broken shafts, hard parts, cases, improper installation of the torque converter resulting in damaged or broken pump.

If another manufactures torque converter is used with our unit, then the unit will not be covered under warranty.  DRP will not be liable for towing charges, rental car/truck, travel/lodging expenses or any other claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages that may arise under the provisions of this warranty.

This warranty does not cover fluid, filters, electronics/sensors of any kind, shop supplies, miscellaneous shop charges, shipping/freight charges of any kind.  Existing issues with the vehicle causing electronic problems, or incorrect tuning resulting in product failure will not be covered.  Any part submitted for warranty consideration must be returned to Deviant race parts, accompanied with a copy of proof of purchase (invoice), a description of the concern/complaint, and service history records.  All warrantied parts that have been replaced become the sole property of DRP.

There are no cash refunds, in the unlikely event of the customer being dissatisfied with the product, the only remedy is to have DRP repair or replace products covered under this warranty.