Emissions Devices

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We understand. Yes, we sold parts that may have impacted the emissions system, but the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has asked us specifically to no longer offer these products. We are currently reviewing our product mix and discontinuing products that may have been used outside of their intended race use, and are not in line with the Clean Air Act.

Deviant Race Parts was started specifically for the racing industry, and as such, we offered product to those that were utilizing vehicles on unregistered, competition only vehicles, that were never to be used on the roadway.  However, some of these parts are assumed to have been used on road going vehicles which is in opposition of what they were intended for.  This is deemed by the EPA as a defeat device, and is not to be manufactured, installed, or sold no matter what the vehicle use is. 

We understand why you came looking for these parts.  Your factory emissions equipment is failing and causing check engine lights, causing downtime, or replacement parts are expensive.  There are now several ways to be compliant and still get the performance you are looking for.  We have you covered for almost every part that you are in need of, and in most cases, less expensive than a dealer replacement. 

Please take the time to read the Clean Air Act and educate yourself on why these parts are in use, and required.  Here is a link - https://www.epa.gov/clean-air-act-overview)

History lesson first:
In 2007, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Diesel Oxygenation Catalysts (DOC), and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems were implemented across the board and all light duty Diesel equipped pickups.  These systems were quickly found to be problematic and a nuisance to the end consumer, but necessary to meet all the federal, state and local laws.  Over time, vehicle manufacturers have introduced better performing emission equipment, added Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and larger EGR coolers, better DOC and DPF systems to add life to the vehicle and give longer maintenance schedules. 

Deviant Race Parts, and the Aftermarket at large, have been hard at work to offer replacement equipment, tuning, and other performance parts so that you can still enjoy your Diesel truck, and still maintain your emissions compliance. 

Give our expert Sales Team a call for any questions as well, they can help you dial that new truck in and open a whole new world of Emissions Compliant fun!